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The 7 Stages Of The Relationship Between An Empath And A Narcissist


Empaths are the healers of society.

Their sincere hearts are resilient enough to conquer any obstacle in their path. Regretfully, their great generosity can occasionally betray them, leading them to believe narcissists who enter their lives with malicious purposes. But whenever they are lost, they always have a power within them that guides them in the proper direction.

Here are the 7 main stages of the relationship between an empath and a narcissist


1. The initial attraction.

Narcissists are completely aware of how their magnetism affects other people, even when they don’t intend to feel anything. Nonetheless, empaths experience profound love falls. As narcissists can trick empaths into believing that they are in love with each other, the connection between those two sorts of people first appears to be going well.

An empath feels they have found the love of their life when they feel others share their passion for them. Their innocent minds are incapable of comprehending the notion that they are the victim of a narcissist. They are being led on by their dishonest partners, who are giving them the impression that they have forged a unique bond. This is the point at which the empath perceives themselves as falling passionately in love, while in actuality, they are succumbing to an emotional trap.


2. The one in control.

The constant need for control is a characteristic of narcissistic individuals. For this reason, they begin employing various strategies to erode their victim’s mental strength as soon as they realize they have fallen into their trap. Although a narcissist will never confront an empath directly, they will use every tactic in the book to get past them and take charge of their feelings.

If their devious mind tricks succeed, the empath will progressively come to feel that they are unworthy of the care they receive and that they are unable to locate a better companion. This will allow the narcissist to take center stage and become the only person in the empath’s universe. When someone truly loves someone, they will go to any lengths to ensure their happiness, even if it involves making a personal sacrifice. They will believe every single falsehood they hear because they are too emotionally invested. The narcissist will have little trouble getting what they want because empaths are naturally giving people and only have good intentions.

3. The relationship starts to be all about the narcissist.

The fact that love is incapable of curing a narcissist’s heart is something empaths can never comprehend. They eventually begin to realize that their relationship is not at all what they had anticipated. They will feel as though they must battle for their partner’s devotion rather than having the same emotions as one another. Furthermore, their efforts would always fall short.

They will therefore keep trying until they understand that all of their devotion is simply giving the narcissist more power. The empath won’t notice the psychological abuse they are receiving as long as they keep trying to please their lover.

4. The first breaking point.

The empath will eventually open their eyes and confront the unpleasant reality. They’ll realize that, despite their belief that they were falling in love, all they were doing was stepping into a devil’s trap. Their heart will shatter into a million pieces at that point. However, this suffering will only make them realize that it’s time for them to take a position for themselves and stop putting up with this kind of behavior.

Nevertheless, the narcissist will quickly refute anything the empath says if they attempt to express how they truly feel. They will find an excuse to refute every charge, all while claiming they want to salvage their relationship. All it will be is an effort to take back mental control over their partner.

5. The blame-shifting.

Narcissists typically attempt to victimize themselves by placing the blame for their behavior on the other person, all the while trying to clear their name with falsehoods and justifications. It’s in their habit to shirk accountability and offer an apology for their errors. Sadly, all of these lies will be accepted by the pure empath’s heart. They will begin to feel guilty even if it was their emotions that were injured, rather than standing up and demanding to be treated fairly.

The empath will soon fall victim to the same trap that they just avoided. This time, though, it will be worse since the narcissist will be manipulating their victims more to ensure they can never discover their genuine motivations. That’s when narcissists begin to employ their most lethal tactics: manipulating the empath’s entire reality in addition to their thoughts through gaslighting, scapegoating, and other tactics.

6. The final realization.

Unintentionally, the narcissist weakens their games when they believe they have everything under control. They think that once they have tricked their partner, they can continue to do so until they achieve their goals since they are unaware of their partner’s genuine emotional intelligence. But empaths aren’t exactly that simple. They come to understand eventually that they are worthy of love, respect, and appreciation. They are aware that they were exposed to a very harmful environment, which caused them to doubt their value. This insight enables them to recognize their narcissistic partner for who they are.

It’s a harsh reality that empaths must face: not everyone who says “I love you” genuinely means it. They must realize that they are the ones who are really at fault. They won’t be as vulnerable to the cruel, deceptive tactics used by narcissists after that.

7. The liberation.

Those who don’t think change is possible in this world include narcissists. They firmly believe that everyone else must recognize their excellence since they are flawless in their own right. Thus, when an empathic and narcissistic relationship ends, these self-centered individuals will carry on with their lives as usual. They will never even recall the enormous quantities of unconditional love and attention they received.

For the empath, however, learning to let go will be a significant turning point. They will at last be freed from the terrible suffering and emotional torment they endured. The fact that they will now have the opportunity to mend is the nicest thing. They will grow stronger, smarter, and more watchful of the ones they love as a result.

Empaths are able to put their broken hearts back together with the aid of introspection and, of course, time. They will learn an important lesson from this about shielding their delicate souls from those who would perceive their generosity as a sign of weakness. Empaths, who are the healers of our day, possess the inner power to conquer whatever obstacle life throws at them and to encourage others to follow in their footsteps.