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If You Ever Notice Your Door Handle With A Rubber Band On It DO NOT Touch It


When we return home, it’s crucial that our house provides a sense of safety and security, free from any potential danger.

It serves as our sanctuary, offering respite after a long day.

For many, home is where they feel safest, making it essential to maintain that sense of security.

To bolster security, many individuals install surveillance cameras on their property to safeguard their privacy and well-being.


However, despite these precautions, thieves continue to devise new methods to unlawfully enter people’s homes.

Kim Fleming Cernigliaro, a resident of Texas, recently shared a cautionary tale to raise awareness about a new tactic employed by burglars.


While alone at home, Kim heard knocking at her door, which escalated into what sounded like pounding.

Prudently, she refrained from opening the door, as she wasn’t expecting any visitors.

As the knocking persisted, growing louder, she became apprehensive and decided to wait before investigating further.

Upon determining that the person had departed, she cautiously ventured downstairs to inspect.

To her surprise, she discovered a rubber band wrapped around the door handle, prompting her to promptly contact the authorities.

Upon their arrival, the police informed her that others in the vicinity had encountered similar instances of rubber bands on their doorknobs.

They elucidated the purpose behind this peculiar tactic: when someone answers the door and removes the latch, the rubber band remains in place.

This enables thieves to gain entry effortlessly, as the rubber band prevents the door from closing and locking properly.