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How to Get a Peloton-Style Workout Without Splurging?

how to get a peloton-style workout without splurging

Lisa Whitney, a dietitian from Reno, Nevada, has been taking part in a lifetime bargain throughout the past few years. The health studio was closing and selling its equipment. Whitney managed to snag an indoor train bike for $100.

In just a short period, Whitney made some modifications to the bike. One of those modifications was to prop her iPad up on the handlebars. In the following weeks, she tried online cycling lessons streamed on YouTube. She also experimented with the app for Peloton, a maker of internet-connected train gadgets that provide interactive health lessons.

Peloton has luxurious train bikes beginning at $1,900 that come with a tablet to stream lessons and sensors to check your pace and coronary heart charge. Whitney did not need to upgrade to Peloton’s more expensive bikes. So she further modified the bike to turn into a do-it-yourself Peloton, purchasing sensors and indoor footwear to make it a complete bike.

The total amount for the project was about $300, plus a $13 monthly subscription for Peloton’s app. While it is not a low-cost option, it is still a big low-cost alternative to what she might have to pay.


There is no doubt that the pandemic, which has compelled many gyms to close, is motivating many people to purchase luxury gadgets, such as Peloton’s bicycles and treadmills, to enable them to work out at home. Apple last year launched, Apple Health Plus, a health educational app available only to those who have an Apple Watch, which requires an iPhone to operate. As a result, Apple capitalized on this pattern throughout the past 12 months.

Nonetheless, the whole thing might come at a higher price. Adding up the minimal costs of an Apple Watch and iPhone results in about $600, and Apple Health Plus costs $10 each month. Secondly, to stream lessons while training on a large-screen T.V. as an alternative to a smartphone or tablet, you need a streaming device such as an Apple T.V., which costs about $150. The total Peloton expertise is even more expensive.


Because the economic system is in a funk, many people do their best to cut back their expenditures while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Consequently, I experimented with ways in which you can decrease the prices of doing video-instructed exercises at home, talked to tinkerers, and assessed the pros and cons of doing these exercises in the comfort of your own home.

The Execs and Cons of Free

To start my experiment of gaining information about how to exercise at home on a budget, the primary query that I tackled was whether or not to subscribe to a health app or stream free exercise lessons from YouTube. Each course consists of videos that show instructors guiding you through exercises.

Thus, I purchased an $8 yoga mat and a pair of adjustable dumbbells that cost $70, and I then turned on my T.V., which has an integrated YouTube app. After subscribing to a number of the most popular YouTube channels with free workout content material, such as Yoga With Adriene, Health Blender, and Holly Dolke, I began exercising at home.

A fast drawback of YouTube was the sheer quantity of content material, typically dozens of movies per YouTuber, making it challenging to decide on one of the many exercises. The moment I finally decided on which video to watch, I realized I would face some high-quality points.

As an illustration from the channel Yoga with Adriene, I chose the video “Yoga for When You Feel Lifeless Inside,” which I thought was quite relevant to our day and time. Even though the video appeared good, the teacher’s voice seemed muffled at times.

A more in-depth look at manufacturing issues can be found on the Holly Dolke channel, where she demonstrates a selection of exercises that you can do without using any tools. My experience after watching the video “Muffin High Melter” was that a teacher who demonstrated how to make a more difficult model of every train within the background continuously blocked her while another teacher in the foreground interrupted her.

Some advertisements interfered with the video as well. I was lifting weights while doing a 10-minute fat-burning exercise from Health Blender when YouTube interrupted the video to show an advertisement for Daybreak cleaning soap while I was lifting weights. In the meantime, I held a dumbbell above the back of my neck while I awaited the end of the advertisement.

Aside from these points, I used to be able to do the complete workouts demonstrated by these YouTubers, they usually left me exhausted and sweating, but despite that, I used to be able to do them all. I don’t have a lot to complain about considering the price free. In the end, Yoga with Adriene made me feel significantly less useless inside, which was the most important result.

Can You Do Peloton Workouts Without Equipment?

When it comes to the pandemic fitness styles, I think most people can be categorized into two types: Those who have Peloton and those who do not have Peloton. Certainly, suppose you fall into this second category. Whether it’s due to money being tight or simply that cycling doesn’t appeal to you, you may have felt left out of all the buzz about motivational instruction and challenging-yet-accessible workouts.

You need not worry, though, because there’s some good news. It is worth mentioning that there are plenty of Peloton workouts that don’t require a bike, not to mention are incredibly easy to complete. At the very least, you can be a part of Peloton’s community without splurging on a stationary bike, and you might even enjoy them just as much as your pre-quarantine, in-studio spinning class.

One of the biggest fitness stars to have emerged due to the popularity of Peloton is an instructor and Adidas global ambassador, Ally Love, who is known for her soulful teaching style. Even though Love’s cycling classes are well attended, one of her favorite workouts is actually sans bike and keeps her in touch with her dancing roots.

The classes are great for beginners, so I teach them at Peloton, and I know they are very popular. The workouts are choreographed to the beat of the music, just like cycling when you ride to the beat of the beat, and the music enhances the workout.

Would you like to move to the music but want to do something that is a little heart-pumping instead of barre? As a dancer, Love enjoys Peloton’s dance cardio classes as well. She says that while doing this workout, you’re getting a great workout while having a great time, as you’re moving to the beat of the music and freely moving different parts of your body, and overall you get an effective workout while having fun.

If you are looking for a low-impact workout, you can also check out Pilates in the fitness app, but if you’re craving something a little more intense, you can also check out Peloton’s HIIT cardio classes. All three of these options do not require you to use a stationary bike or a treadmill, nor require you to use any complex equipment.

Can You Create Your Peloton Workout?

There are two major approaches for those of you who wish to have the frills of a Peloton but do not wish to spend the money on tools. If you want to go the cheapest route, you can also use a bicycle you already own to get there. I believe that this is where residence tinkerers can be particularly inventive and resourceful.

Let us take the example of one of the supervisors of the network company Cisco, Mr. Omar Sultan. This man modified his street bike with simply a few add-ons:

A motorcycle coach that secured the rear wheel and bike body was priced at approximately $100.

1.      A $40 Wahoo cadence sensor detected his pedaling output and pace and sent the information to his smartphone.

2.      A heart rate monitor tied around his chest, such as the $90 Polar H10 heart monitor.

3.      After that, he used a streaming machine to view Peloton lessons on his T.V. using a streaming machine.

A costlier alternative is to purchase an indoor train bike and stream your biking lessons through YouTube or the Peloton app (like Ms. Whitney did) using a pill or smartphone, which is what Ms. Whitney did. For instance, the $700 IC7.9 comes with an automatic cadence sensor and a holder for holding your pill. After that, you can purchase a coronary heart rate monitor and a pair of $100 indoor biking sneakers that clip right into the pedals.

Despite this, if you choose to ride your bike or a modified spin bike instead of making use of the Peloton app, you will not be able to take part in the app’s so-called chief board, which displays an illustration of your progress in comparison to the progress of other Peloton customers online.

The problem with using a homemade bike will also be the difficulty of figuring out how you will be able to shift gears to simulate when the teacher is telling you to show up the resistance, for example, if you find yourself pretending to experience a hill in school.

Nicolle Odya, a nurse practitioner in Chicago who modified a high-end indoor exercise bike, the Keiser M3i, explained how there had been a lot of advantages to the D.I.Y. route. Using her iPad, she can use her chosen applications, such as Zwift and mPaceLine, to stay in complete control over her health. Moreover, it allowed her to customize her bike because the stock pedals were too low, so she swapped them out for higher pedals.

How Do You Use a Peloton Without an Instructor?

Yes, of course, you can use the bike without a Peloton bike instructor. Unfortunately, most of these luring features will only be available after you subscribe to the service for $39 a month. Still, you will receive 3 on-demand classes and the Just Ride class without paying an additional dollar.

Have you already purchased a Peloton bike and are having difficulty paying for it because of its high price? Are you wondering how you will manage to pay the rather expensive subscription fees? There are a few options available to you.

The only thing you need to have is personal discipline since you will not have any competition or an instructor who is hard on your heels. Is that something you could handle? It is then necessary for you to search through the four classes of the Peloton to see which suits your needs.

On top of that, as is the case in other classes that require a subscription, there is an instructor for these classes. Having a subscription will enable you to access the recordings of the classes, but without a subscription, you will not be able to interact with them.

Additionally, you can even record data in real-time for your records. This will enhance the performance of the application. Regardless of whether you are competing with the rest or not, you still have a set of metrics to strive towards improving upon or maintaining when you are riding your bike.

Furthermore, you can choose to start with workouts that are not extremely demanding before embarking on those that are highly intensive. Due to the recent restrictions on all-access memberships, you will unfortunately not be able to take scenic rides, which are only available to the all-access memberships. Despite this, you are still on the safe side since you have peloton equipment. You can tour the world with the scenic world once you have activated your all-access membership.

If you use Miracast, you will be able to cast your workouts from your bike screen to your T.V., laptop, or any other device you will be comfortable with while off the bike. Afterward, you can enjoy the narrow variety of Peloton’s workout options.

Can You Do Peloton Workouts Without the Bike?

You don’t have to own a bike to take Peloton classes because they are all streamed through the Peloton app. There is a wide variety of classes you can do without using a bike, including strength training, Yoga, Meditation, cardio, walking, jogging, stretching, and Bootcamp. The peloton app has a greater number of non-cycling lessons than cycling lessons. There is no need to worry if you do not have a bike and want to join the class.

It’s one of the things I like about them because there are many fitness instructions you won’t find in any other app or even in a live class, which is one of the things I like about it. These brief explanations of individual exercises are ideal since they show you how to perform them correctly since they are written for beginners.

Best Peloton Classes Without Bike

Yoga Classes

Peloton yoga is a series of classes that don’t require you to have a bike to take part. You need to attend this class if you are interested in learning about the basics of yoga but are concerned about going to a regular yoga class. There are several lessons on performing different yoga positions in this course.

Because of this, it allows you to work at your own pace and focus on those areas where you need to improve the most. You can enroll in a yoga class if you have tight hamstrings, for example, to increase the range of motion in your hamstrings through yoga. The length of a class can range from 5 minutes to 75 minutes, and participants of all abilities are welcome to attend.

Strength Training Programs

If you wish to participate in Peloton strength classes, you must not have access to a bicycle or treadle. You can choose from more than 2,500 sessions, each with a different duration, degree of difficulty, and cost. The Peloton Strength system is an excellent workout since you can perform it independently or in combination with other types of workouts.

What kind of equipment is required to participate in peloton strength classes? Peloton strength classes require not only dumbbells but also exercise mats and towels in addition to dumbbells. Because the workouts are based entirely on bodyweight techniques, some of the sessions do not even require any equipment to be performed.

The peloton strength series comprises a wide variety of class types, including full-body and pilates classes. This technique makes it much easier for you to concentrate on the regions of your body that need to be strengthened. Furthermore, it can be performed by people of all fitness levels.

Running Classes

Peloton offers you a wide selection of running routines that you can do on the track or outside, depending on the weather. Moreover, they offer single lessons that can assist you in improving your aerobic fitness, increase muscle perfusion, hasten your recovery, or even teach you how to run.

When you wish to run long distances, running technique, progression timeline, or the right posture during the footstrike are all aspects of the running process that can decrease injury rates. Our Peloton lessons will teach you everything you need to know. There are more than 2,000 running sessions you can do on the peloton app without having to own a bike nearby, making it great for those who want to run their first marathon or get more active to lose weight.

Cardio Classes

The aerobic series is another lesson that can be done without using a peloton bike. This kind of class or small weights is an example of a small weight like those found in T25 and Insanity classes, in which you exercise alone using your body weight. There is a great deal of work with high-intensity intervals in this workout. If you enjoy working up a sweat in a short amount of time, those lessons are ideal. It is possible to perform the exercises independently or as part of a larger routine.

Peloton cardio offers choices such as dance classes (such as Zumba classes) and family programs, which are something I appreciate (since kids can participate too). After doing strength training, I ride a Peloton bike as a conditioning exercise.

Bootcamp Classes

The Peloton Bootcamp series can be completed either with or without a bike. During multiple sessions, cardio exercise is combined with weight training using various types of equipment used for cardio exercise. As a result, this exercise method is comparable to the Orange Theory method of exercise.

Students are instructed to lift dumbbells (or use their body weight) and do 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic exercises. However, if you do not have a bike, you can still participate in the Bootcamp class. Exercise equipment, such as rowing machines, treadmills, step masters, or maybe even a power stroll, can be used to increase your heart rate. As an alternative to the cardio exercises, you could substitute walking, jumping jacks, or any other activity that keeps your heart rate elevated for the cardio portions.